Life can be difficult if you don't have the skills to cope with what it throws at you.  I thought I had the skills and found with a life changing event, things can unravel.  I have had counselling before but Cheryl has taught me the managing skills and techniques that I needed to take control.  This has given me the ability to be self reliant and deal with future situations and problems independently.  This is truly what I needed to learn without realizing it.  Cheryl was suppportive, sympathetic and encouraging.  She has been a counsellor, teacher and friend and has a great deal to offer to her clients.  I am very grateful to know her and to have had her wisdom handed down to me.                                   M, December 2017

I knew for a long time that I needed to reach out for help, but two major stumbling blocks stood in my way.

I had been living in an abusive relationship for many years.  I thought it was too late, too big a task, to do anything about it, even to admit it.  I was exhausted by just keeping up.  I couldn't face the question of why did I let this go on for so long.

And, I was in my late sixties.  I thought there was little in the way of a future for me.  My world was narrowing and maybe I just had to put up with my lot.  I was too ashamed and discouraged to seek help.

But when the bottom came, and there was no choice for survival without help, I found Cheryl.  The first thing she taught me was to stop focusing on the future, or the past.  Making changes in the present is all any of us can do and now is never too late.

Then she gave me many practical strategies to use daily to slowly rebuild, first myself, and then my life.  Nothing beats having a job to do to keep you focused on the present and keep you progressing.

She showed me that good therapy doesn't condemn or look for blame. She helped me understand the difference between shame and remorse.  Every week without fail, I could count on her to be there, in my court, supporting, encouraging and helping me to become whole again.

I wish I had met up with her sooner.  But that's just hindsight getting in the way of the truth, which is, now is as good a time as any to begin living well.

                                                                                                                                               J., March 2016

I was searching for a counsellor who would give me the tools necessary to properly handle my emotions that often led to outbursts of anger and/or tears.  Cheryl was the first counsellor I met with and I feel so lucky to have gotten it right on my first try.  Cheryl is so easy to talk to and very helpful in both sorting out thoughts, feelings and past situations and providing real tools that I am able to use in my everyday life.  The time I have spent with Cheryl, though not very long, has truly made a lasting and supremely positive change in my life.  She rocks!                                      T., February 2015

I came into Cheryl's office uncertain of what I needed to work on but certain that I needed help.  She's helped me through trauma work of a past relationship and family relationship issues.  Through this work I've discovered my true self and have a bright outlook on the rest of my life.  I cannot thank her enough for the work she's done for me.                 L.,  Jan. 2015

Cheryl, this has really been a journey for me, one that I was not expecting or could have ever imagined.  They say we cross people's path for a reason.  I can't even begin to thank you for crossing my path.  Your light, wisdom and guidance have helped me in finding my way back to trusting and listening to that inner self. To your laughter when I thought life was dark... to many, many tools in my tool carry on the journey.  All this and more.  I am forever grateful. A., Jan. 2014

We had 14 sessions with Cheryl as a couple.  We liked her professional, effective and warm demeanor.  Chery helped us to heal from a relationship crisis.  She was able to help us to recover the love, respect and connection which were lost and get our relationship back on track.  She provided us with effective tools for emotional intelligence. We highly recommend her as a couple's counsellor.

                                                                    L & V, October 2013

I have been seeing Cheryl for about two years.  I came to her with Major Depressive Disorder severe.  I couldn't hardly speak or remember my last words and over time she shared with me many ways to help with the ups and downs of depression.  This took some time due to the severity of my depression.  Some days it was one step ahead and four back but some days I would jump a hurdle and go forward.  Some days I would cry just walking across the road or being on the bus.  Just to go somewhere was a big achievement for me yet tears would still come.  Cheryl gave me many tools to fight depression and make my life livable and enjoyable again.  I suffered a great injury and was not able to accept my handicap.  I have had to change many things in my life to be able to do some things I wasn't able to do any more.  It bothered me very much to have another do it for me.  I would get so mad and upset at times.  Depression is a terrible thing to live with.  Remember you can't just walk in to Cheryl's office and walk out cured.  You have to do the work and maybe find God to help as well.  If you have read this you need to know there is a better life after retraining your brain again.  Yes, it seems impossible but we can do it. P., Aug 2013

Cheryl has helped me to learn how to respect and love myself.  Without her patience, guidance and encouragement, I would not be in the place of peace where I am now.  She has given me the tools to manage difficult times and live in the present.  She has helped me to feel whole.  R., March 2013

Cheryl was great to help me realize that with the right tools you can overcome almost anything.  M., March 2013

Cheryl asks the questions that need to be thought of and answered.  She listens and has patience for every emotion coming up in our session.  Her words stay with me after the session and have guided me to a place of self trust and moving forward in my life.

M., March 2012

I have been very fortunate to meet Cheryl and have her guide me through a scary journey of depression and anxiety. Through our visits Cheryl has provided me the necessary skills to cope with life's hurdles.

Her ability to reach me when no one else could has been noticed by my friends and family.

I consider myself a "success story" and truly appreciate her caring, going "above and beyond", guidance, skills, humor and awesome listening so patiently.

Thanks so very much.  J., July 2012.

I was going through a rough point in my life this past summer and I came upon Cheryl at my Wellness Centre.  From the first time I met her I knew that I would be at peace.  She listens even if you go on and on about other things in your life.  She has given me tools and feedback to help me throughout the day.  I have grown stronger in my thoughts and I have my sense of direction back.  I know I will have bad days and good days but the tools that Cheryl taught me will help me overcome them.  Thank you Cheryl for your understanding and helping me laugh again.

L., November 2011

I came away fron our sessions with a lot of useful tools that made it much easier to help myself.  Thank you for your patience, compassion and knowledge.

S., May 2011



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